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Afshan Abidi Dip Nut CNM mBANT CNHC

About Me

I'm a qualified Nutritional Therapist with a Diploma in Nutritional Therapy from the College of Naturopathic Medicine(CNM). I'm a full member of the professional body BANT and I am registered with the regulatory council for professional nutritional therapists CNHC. I regularly attend seminars and conferences to maintain my clinical knowledge and develop my skills.

Am also a senior consultant with internationally renowned premier wellness company Herbalife, with which I have obtained a wealth of experience for over 15 years in the field of nutrition.

Why you need a nutritionist

A nutritionist gives you expert advice in recommending the diet that is right for you.

Nutritional therapists are trained professionals who are up to date on developments so that they can be trusted to give you the most accurate information in diet and lifestyle changes.

We delve deeper analysing your eating habits and life styles, in order to explain how and why to change them or find alternatives.

We are Specialists in

  • Nutritional therapy

  • Sports nutrition

  • Corporate wellbeing

  • Functional testing

  • ...and lot's more

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What others are saying

  • I met Afshan after I had exhausted all avenues and had lost all hope of finding respite. I was pleasantly surprised by her thorough and in-depth consultation, in which I found out invaluable information about myself. I followed her advice and in merely 2 weeks I felt like a new person. Now all my health issues are almost non-existent and I am so glad I took the step to see Afshan and I will highly recommend her to everyone.

    Rani Akhtar(Bury)
  • I couldn’t believe it when I attended my high school reunion and all my friends commented on how I looked drained and out of energy. I was always energetic in high school and very academic. I won certificates for my favourite sports like badminton and swimming.
    I cried when I got home. After a little encouragement from my husband I sought out a cure. I was recommended to see Afshan.
    In our first hearing I poured my heart out and Afshan sat there and listened.
    She explained how different foods effected me in my diet. Under her guidance I followed the diet and lifestyle changes she recommended and started to feel better .We have become very good friends since then and I would definitely recommend anyone to go see her as I did.

    Akyla Afzal (Paris)
  • It’s been 2 years now and I feel great. I feel light and more active. It has been a journey with highs and lows but I stayed strong. The key to unlocking your strength and focus is to have someone to guide you through logic and a common sense approach. I found that Afshan Abidi’s approach with me was exactly what I needed. She completely understood my issues and pointed out what I was doing wrong. I was given a detailed diet and supplement plan to follow, with constant support.She didn’t have a one approach for everything which I found to be very helpful and sorted out my health issues by following her advice. I would highly recommend Afshan to anyone who feels they need help with feeling 100% . All I can say is Thank You I got my life back.

    Pooja Sinha. (London)
  • Afshan was able to support me in improving my diet and lifestyle in order to maintain good energy levels throughout the day and achieve a healthy weight. During the consultation, a lot of factors were considered in order to build an action plan suitable for me. A very professional and supportive service.

    Memona (Manchester)


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